John Stark owns Stark Architects Inc., an architectural firm with projects in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, that focuses on environmentally sensitive and sustainable residential design with a record of hundreds of completed recreational residential designs mixed in with numerous corporate projects. John views his residential designs as simply frameworks to experience the natural beauty of the rocks, trees, wind, water and sunsets – it is not about the building itself.


Initially John met Mike Bradley as a residential client and soon became aware of his plans to develop the Woodfield True Nature Campus. Initial discussions with Mike were regarding architecture of the future buildings. The initial tour of the then undeveloped property left a permanent impression, it is a magical place.


John has a record of volunteer service to community organizations and he and Mike agreed that an associated architect could provide input as needed although Mike has been responsible for most of the designs. This allowed John to be one step removed so he could serve as a volunteer director as Mike’s incredible concept based in nature unfolded – a perfect fit from John’s perspective as it simply continued from the focus on nature in his professional work at the same time it achieved Mike’s concept for the Woodfield True Nature Campus.


Most importantly, John has expressed admiration for Mike’s ideas and commitment explaining that it is so heartwarming to know of the generosity of people like Mike who understands others’ various needs and actually acts on it in a very tangible way, and that it is a pleasure for him to be involved. 

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